• After receiving my first towigs, I am completely hooked. The density is perfect and the hair is beautiful and easy to manage. The lace also blends perfectly for a realistic part. towigs is my top choice


  • I’ve just received my third and fourth units from Towigs.com and I must say that as usual I received exceptional customer service. I just love the natural relaxed texture - it is by far my favorite. This time I also ordered the regular relaxed and it was perfectly blended and the cut is very nice.


  • The piece and quality of the hair is exceptional! Thank you so much! Your customer service has been excellent!


  • i bought 2 wigs from your shop, one made of Indian Remy and the other with Chinese remy. i use flat and curling iron on both wgs and had absolutyly no problems. maybe the beautitian wants her to buy wigs from her XD however i want to confirm that towigs sells wigs made of REAL human hair.


Silk Top Lace Wigs, Thin Skin Lace Wigs, Glueless Lace Wigs are all custom orders only. Any of our wigs can be custom made Silk Top, Thin Skin and Glueless. please contact us if you want to try these lace caps.

Silk Top Lace Wigs

The silk top lace wig has French or Swiss lace around the perimeter and the top of crown contains a piece of silk (usually 4x4 or 5x5 in.) through which individual hairs are injected. The knots are hidden under the silk base and are not visible, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp and unbelievably real. The silk base can be ordered in the colors light brown, medium brown and dark brown.

Thin Skin Lace Wigs

Thin skin wigs also known as polyurethane are available in several colors to match your skin tone. Thin skin can be purchased around the perimeter or the entire wig. The thin poly material is ventilated by hand, using a looping technique so the hair will stay secure longer. Because hair is not knotted but injected into the thin skin material, there are no knots in that area and hair appears to be growing right out of the scalp.

The thin skin base looks great with a lighter density hair. It can be more durable than lace wigs and have a longer life span. Because thin skin is not made of breathable material, it is best used in cooler climates. When placed against your own skin, thin skin is invisible and virtually undetectable to touch. For those suffering from extreme hair loss, when attached, thin skin feels very secure and almost feels like it is vacuum-sealed to your scalp. Other than hair loss patients, people who choose a thin skin wig cap typically have allergies to the lace, another material used to create wigs.

Two Types of Glueless Wigs

No glue or tape needed. No Glue Wig Cap with Lace Only in the Front and Hand-tied Stretch the Rest of Material.  Diagram of Where Combs Can be Placed to Secure No Glue Wigs
No Glue Wig Cap without Lace and Hand-tied Stretch the of the Material No Glue Wig without Lace

Two Types of No Glue Wigs

We offer two types of glueless wigs. The first is constructed with lace around only the front perimeter and then hand-tied stretch material throughout the rest of the cap. The wig has a natural hairline. This type of glueless cap may not need glue or tape because the straps and combs secure the wig in place. However, you may need to use a small amount of glue or tape.

The other type of glueless wig cap has no lace around the front perimeter and is made entirely of stretch material, with straps on the back and combs on the side. There is no need to use glue or tape.

We use hand-tied stretch material to construct our no glue wigs because they last longer than machine made wigs. Also the hair with machine made wigs can only flow in the one direction, whereas hand tied wigs is free style and can flow in any direction.

Glueless wigs are perfect for women who are sensitive to glues and tapes, and those not wanting to fuss with adhesives.